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Fixing linking errors caused by MacPorts’ incompatible binaries

I was recently compiling SFML, to see whether it would be a viable replacement for SDL in Plinth, when I came across the following error: ld: warning: in /opt/local/lib/libfreetype.dylib, file was built for unsupported file format which is not the architecture being linked (i386) What this means is that I needed libfreetype, but the version […]

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Enabling infrastructure wifi on the ARDrone with DHCP

There are a number of different articles on “patching” the AR Drone to connect to infrastructure. I’m going to talk a little about the technical details of what is going on, based on my own experience.

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Fixing an SQLite version mismatch between Subversion and PHP5

If you are running an Apache2 server and mod_dav_svn, and you upgrade to the latest version of subversion, you might suddenly lose the ability to access newly created respositories, but still be able to access your older repositories. When you access the new repositories, you will get: svn: Could not open the requested SVN filesystem […]

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Creating Amazon AMI images for ROS

Simulating large numbers of robots can be a pain. I’ve decided to experiment with building Amazon Machine Instances of ROS to enable me, and anyone else, to quickly launch any number of pre-installed ROS machines and simulate running robots. I’m not sure if this will work, so bear with me…

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Installing Ubuntu 9.10 on the BeagleBoard

Beagle Board

Since there don’t appear to be any clear step-by-step instructions for doing this, I figured I would make a nice instructional post for people that don’t spend their whole day hacking embedded hardware. This assumes you have basic linux knowledge and a BeagleBoard you don’t mind completely gutting out to put on Ubuntu.

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Removing packages + dependencies from Synaptic in Ubuntu

So, a complaint that has come up a number of times over the years is the fact that you can open up Synaptic package manager, browse through the history, find a package you installed and all of the dependencies that came with it, and… nothing. Well that’s annoying, what can we do about it?

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Fixing AP handover on the Gumstix Verdex + wifi module

I was using my Gumstix Verdex to control an iRobot Create with the ever handy Element Sticky board when I encountered a serious problem. The Marvell 88W8385 (the wireless module used by the Verdex) has no such support in its driver/hardware for handovers between APs. So I used wpa_supplicant and a custom script to simulate this behaviour in software.

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ARToolkit Plus recipe for Gumstix Verdex

After much messing around, I’ve got a surprisingly compact bitbake recipe for compiling ARToolkit Plus in OpenEmbedded.

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