About Me

Pras Velagapudi


My name is Pras Velagapudi.  I am a project scientist at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I also provide consulting services for businesses looking to integrate robotic technologies.

Research Interests

At present, my research interests are divided between two equally interesting topics: large cooperative robotic teams and personal robotics.

Cooperative Robotics

In very large teams (100s – 1000s), it becomes increasingly difficult for robots to maintain a complete picture of the team state. I am interested in techniques for intelligently routing, fusing, and interpreting the utility of pieces of information in large teams. I work primarily with small, low-cost fleets of autonomous boats and aircraft.

Personal Robotics

As robots become increasingly useful in our day-to-day lives, it is important to consider how they can perform tasks and interact with humans in human environments. I am interested in methods of studying, modeling, and planning for robust interaction in human-centric environments like homes and offices.


A complete listing of my conference, journal, and book publications to date, organized by year.

Curriculum Vitae

Available in HTML form here, with PDF links for convenient download.

Where Am I?

As part of a little social experiment, I’m making my location public via Google Latitude.